Tourism Promotion


How does the Authority fund Tourism Promotion?

The statute governing the Tourism and Sports Authority requires that the revenues received from tourism taxes be used to fund five separate accounts, each one to be fully funded in succession before the next.

2nd Priority =Tourism Fund
Total of $265.8 million over 30 years for Maricopa County
tourism marketing and promotion (through May 2031)

As part of the passage of Prop 302, the Arizona Sports & Tourism Authority is charged with distributing monies to the Arizona Office of Tourism to promote tourism within Maricopa County.  

The amount distributed began at $4.0 million in the first twelve months the taxes were in effect and increase by 5% each year during the life of the taxes.   

As a result of the funding provided, the Phoenix metro area will be able to compete against other destinations such as San Diego and San Antonio. 

Tourism is a huge benefit to Arizona taxpayers:

• Direct travel spending in Arizona generates $2.7 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues annually, which equates to $1,030 per Arizona household;

• More than 37 million domestic and international overnight travelers visit Arizona each year;

• Visitors spend $18.3 billion annually;

• The travel industry contributes almost $50 million into the state’s economy every day.

In addition, events and activities which AZSTA supports have a positive economic impact on the metro area:

• The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl generates an estimated $150 million each year;

• The Arizona Cardinals generate an estimated $150 million each year;

• The Cactus League is estimated to generate more than $450 million each year;

• The 2011 BCS National Championship generated an estimated economic impact of more than $188 million;

• The 2008 Super Bowl XLII generated a record $500.6 million in direct and indirect spending by visiting fans and organizations, a figure which will be repeated each subsequent game.

*Every FIVE years Arizona could add $645 million with Super Bowl, BCS Championship, and NCAA rotations.